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Dear Friends,
This time next month, the Ohio Scottish Games will open its doors and welcome competitors and patrons alike on Friday June 24th 2022.

For over forty years the Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio, Inc has organized the Ohio Scottish Games and the Ohio Scottish Art School, two remarkable celebrations of Scottish culture and traditions. The Games have served as a competition for the Scottish Arts and also a place to gather and enjoy lively concerts, try traditional foods, and learn the history of Scotland. The Ohio Scottish Arts School has worked diligently to sustain the Scottish cultural arts of Piping, Drumming, Highland Dance, Harp, and Fiddle for students to have access to teachers from around the globe.

Back in 2020, The Chair was excited to share all of the changes the Board was making. This included moving the Games and the School to new locations in Berea, Ohio. These new locations offered close proximity, bringing both events closer together and deepening the bond between the two. As a volunteer organization, we have been working diligently to find new opportunities to grow while not compromising the experiences of students, competitors, and guests. From Whisky tasing and international judges and instructors, to axe-throwing, armed combat large classroom facilities, the Games and School committees has been working tirelessly to make these events the best we can offer.

Since then, we as an organization and broader global society have weathered a location move, a global pandemic, and two years of virtual events. I encourage all of you to continue to check social media for information on all the games and the school has to offer this year.

The continued success of the Ohio Scottish Games and the Ohio Scottish Art School, despite of all the challenges of yesterday and today, is due to your enthusiastic support. Your charitable donations are the pillar of our financial wellbeing. We sincerely appreciate your generous support of our organization. If you or someone you love has experienced the pure delight of the OSG or the OSAS, we are glad to have shared that experience with you and plan to continue doing so for many years to come. We hope that you will consider donating this year to The Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio, Inc as we start new adventures and face new challenges together.

You will notice that you are able to pick where your donation is directed to the Endowment fund, the School, the Games, or one of the various scholarship funds.
I encourage you all to continue supporting our grand organization in any way you can, and also consider making a financial donation to the organization that celebrates our wonderful heritage and tradition.


Tyler Tagliaferro

Chairmain of the Board

The Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio, Inc.


Many thanks to our 2021 donors! We appreciate your support!

Alexander "Sandy" Hain Scholarship Fund

  • Joseph & Martha Grzelak
  • Edward R. & Diane C. Harrison
  • Christopher Mroczka
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessy
  • Red Hackle Pipes & Drums
  • Tom Rook Sr.
  • Matthew & Elizabeth Whitson

Endowment Fund

  • Tyler Tagliaferro
  • David Zeigler

Ohio Scottish Arts School

  • Liam Bradley-Tonchev
  • Cathy Caldwell
  • Margaret Callander
  • Bill & Debbie Doty
  • Clan Henderson
  • Francesca Federici
  • Missy Gentry
  • Doug Henderson
  • Linda Keathley-Stamey
  • Russ & Pam Kilpatrick
  • Martha Klemm
  • Cameron Krivich
  • Brian McElhinney
  • Robert McEvoy
  • Tom Peeples
  • Sandy Place
  • Lucas Robinson
  • Stephanie Snevel
  • Helen Tagliaferro-Berger

Ohio Scottish Games

  • Ken & Cindy Decker
  • Margaret McCullough
  • Stephanie Valley
  • Tha-Geerah Marie Theroux
  • Sabine & Glenn Wright
  • David Zeigler
  • Ashley Gentry
  • Tiffany Schafer