Please Support Our Games

Many thanks to our 2021 donors! We appreciate your support!

Alexander "Sandy" Hain Scholarship Fund

  • Barry Conway

Endowment Fund

  • Tyler Tagliaferro
  • David Zeigler

Ohio Scottish Arts School

  • Liam Bradley-Tonchev
  • Cathy Caldwell
  • Margaret Callander
  • Bill & Debbie Doty
  • Clan Henderson
  • Francesca Federici
  • Missy Gentry
  • Doug Henderson
  • Linda Keathley-Stamey
  • Russ & Pam Kilpatrick
  • Martha Klemm
  • Cameron Krivich
  • Brian McElhinney
  • Robert McEvoy
  • Tom Peeples
  • Sandy Place
  • Lucas Robinson
  • Stephanie Snevel
  • Helen Tagliaferro-Berger

Ohio Scottish Games

  • Ken & Cindy Decker
  • Margaret McCullough
  • Stephanie Valley
  • Tha-Geerah Marie Theroux
  • Sabine & Glenn Wright
  • David Zeigler
  • Ashley Gentry
  • Tiffany Schafer

For over forty years the Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio, Inc has organized the Ohio Scottish Games and the Ohio Scottish Art School. Our mission is to promote and support these events “for cultural, educational, physical and spiritual benefit for those with an interest in the traditions of Scotland and other Celtic Nations.” We have been working diligently to find new opportunities to grow while not compromising the experiences of students, competitors, and guests.

Over the past year, we have worked through several challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Board made the difficult decision to host both the games and school virtually for another year considering the health and welfare of all participants.

Your contributions are immeasurable. Although the organization already asks so much of you, I am encouraging all of you to consider a financial donation. We depend on financial support from everyone as we fight to defray ever-increasing costs faced by the Games and the School, and establish ourselves at the new locations for the 2022 year.

Please take the time to review the contribution sheet included with this letter. We have revised the form to allow for specific designations as well as brief descriptions of the funds and scholarships we offer. Through these scholarships, the Scottish-American Cultural Society of Ohio is able to continue to fulfill our mission.

Thank you for your support.

Tyler Tagliaferro

Chairman, Scottish American Cultural Society of Ohio