Heron Valley

Heron Valley are an energy fueled, traditional band from Scotland. Their roots lie in Scottish and Irish traditional music, including traditional Scots song and Scottish piping tunes and Irish banjo. The five-piece group comprises, Abigail Pryde on Fiddle and Vocals, Keith Morrison on Keys, Nick Hamilton on Banjo and Guitar, Alastair Maclean on Bagpipes and Whistles, and Callum Cronin on Bass and Guitar.

These musicians are passionate about their heritage and showcase the culture, language, sounds and stories of their homeland in their music. Let Heron Valley transport you to the heartlands of Scotland, through their dynamic performance of the ancient sounds of their home.

Heron Valley Video

Arise & Go

Arise & Go is an exciting Celtic trio noted for their “precision and energy”. From intimate house concerts to festival stages, the band blends traditional melodies and instruments into fresh new arrangements that are sure to excite any audience.

In 2017, Arise & Go released their debut, self-titled EP which introduced listeners to the variety and style of this diverse group. 2019 sees the release of their full-length album Meeting Place as members Ellie Goud, Michael Roddy, and Tim Ball showcase the unique elements of different Celtic traditions that each brings into the group’s sound.

Arise & Go Video

Father, Son & Friends

In 1989, Joey (Father) and Shawn (Son) started a band with their friends. Over the last 30 years they have played their brand of Celtic/Americana Folk Music at festivals, theaters and pubs all across the country. Finding themselves incredibly fortunate to have played on the Mumford and Sons, Gentleman Of The Road Tour and having received an Irish Music Award Nomination for "Top Traditional Band in a Festival, Theatre, Pub". Currently, Father Son and Friends can be heard on countless radio stations and television programs/documentaries including The American Woodshop on PBS.

Father, Son & Friends Video

The New Barleycorn

The New Barleycorn is a traditional Celtic band who brings an authentic, traditional feel to every show. They present their live Celtic show with vitality, passion and a touch of humor, singing and playing both contemporary folk and traditional Celtic songs and music, which they have woven into their own musical tapestry of intricate rhythms and melodies. Both from Ireland where they learned to play music at an early age , John Delaney, originally from the group 'Barleycorn,' on vocals, 5 string and tenor banjos, mandolin, guitar, whistle and bodhran, and Alec DeGabriele, originally leader for a top Irish Show Band, on vocals, guitar and bass. Alec and John have performed live and on many television and radio shows, both together and separately in such places as Ireland, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.' They have played at local pubs around Northeast Ohio, organized performance tours in both Ireland and Scotland, and this winter performed on a Caribbean Cruise