Discover your Scottish Roots!

Ohio Scottish Games & Celtic Festival will be hosting a whiskey tasting event in Building 16, June 24-25, 2022. The tasting will include of five Single Malt Scotch Whiskies, one from each of the Lowlands, Speyside, Highlands, Islands, and Islay. Each ticket will entitle you to one shot of whiskey from each bottle. The exhibit will include information about each whiskey with the characteristics of each region.

Amanda Epperson will be joining us and will host discussions on Scottish Genealogy as well as how the Scots influenced Ohio's history. Amanda Epperson is a writer, lecturer, and professional genealogist. She holds a PhD in history from the University of Glasgow, with emphasis in emigration from Scotland to the United States.

Amanda is Author of About the Family Tree Scottish Guide. Amanda will help you uncover your Scottish heritage, from identifying your immigrant ancestor to tracking down records in the old country. You will learn about church records, civil registrations, census and more. Plus, how to find them in on-line databases and in archives. Amanda will discuss basic information on how to start family history research including identifying and tracing immigrant ancestors; Step-by-step for finding and using records from both the United States and Scotland; Crash course Guides to Scottish history, geography, surnames and naming conventions.

Whether your ancestors hail from the highlands or the bonnie, bonnie banks of Loch Lomond, she will help you grow your family tree in Scotland.

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