Keg Toss & Haggis Throw

New is 2022 are the Keg Toss for Distance and Woman's Haggis Throw events.

These events are meant to be fun events to get our audience involved. There is no cost to enter.

Keg Toss Rules

  1. Every competitor will have two chances to toss the sixth barrel keg (approximately 20 pounds) for distance. Longest throw counts.
  2. Distance measured from throwing boundary to first impact.
  3. All competitors must stay behind the marked-off throwing zone. Crossing the boundary is a foul and thrower gets a zero for that toss.
  4. Competitors may toss keg in any manner they wish, one hand or two, underhand, overhand, spinning or moving approach - all permitted.

1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals will be awarded in each category. No t-shirt or festival entry is included.

Divisions include:

  • Men 16-35
  • Men 36-54
  • Men 55+
  • Women 16-35
  • Women 36-54
  • Women 55+

Woman's Haggis Throw

  1. Every competitor will have two chances to hurl the haggis (a 2 pound bag) for distance. We will score your longest throw.
  2. All competitors must stay within the marked-off throwing zone.
  3. Competitors must twirl the haggis over their head prior to the throw.
  4. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals will be awarded

No t-shirt is included. There is no fee to enter. Open to females of all ages.

Online Entry Link

We'd like to thank our sponsor, Sullivan's Brewery and OH'Irish, for donating the t-shirts worn by our athletes, judges and athletic administrators.

We'd like to thank Pat Campbell and PJ McIntyre's Pub who donated the Keg for the Keg Toss event