Keg Toss & Haggis Throw

There will be no keg toss this year.

Haggis Hurling Contest

Open to all athletes and non-athletes (general public).

Rules & Information

  • Every competitor will have one chance to toss the haggis (approximately 1lb.) for distance. Longest throw counts.
  • The distance measured from the half whiskey barrel , in which you stand upon, to the first impact.
  • All competitors must stand on top of a half whiskey barrel. Stepping off the barrel leads to disqualification.
  • Competitors may toss the haggis in any manner they wish, one hand or two, underhand, or overhand - all permitted.
  • A kilt is not required to participate.
  • Day of registration is also available and will close one hour before the contest.

1st place medals will be awarded in each category

*T-shirt NOT included. No cost for entry. Gate Admission NOT included

Hurling Contest Categories include:

  • Lads 18 & over
  • Lads 12-17
  • Lassies 18 & over
  • Lassies 12-17
Online Entry Link