Knights of Valour

Knights of Valour Extreme Sport Jousting!

The Knights of Valour is the most extreme sport of jousting live. Trained professionals ride beautiful Draft horses, competing for audiences all across North America. Each pass of rider and horse is excitement exploding before your eyes. Choose your favorite and cheer them on to victory as this extreme sport continues to grow.

Jousting began in the British Isles in 1066 and was part sport, part military training. It involved different events and allowed the competitors to show how good they were at fighting, the most popular was two knights on horseback riding at each other armed with blunted lances. Jousting tournaments were very popular in Scotland during the Middle Ages.

Jousting events were often held as celebrations to mark a victory in battle, or the signing of a peace treaty, or a royal wedding. Sometimes they were held during wars, to keep soldiers busy and to train them.

In Scotland, David II, James IV and James V were very keen on jousting both as hosts and as participants. They sometimes competed in disguise.

Between 1350 and 1603 (when James VI became James I of England) jousting tournaments were held in Edinburgh, St Andrews, Perth, Stirling and Leith.