Ohio and Crieff officials sign proclamation to become Twin/Sister Games

Approximately 3500 miles seperate Wellington, Ohio and Creiff Scotland. Now, however, that distance seems a wee bit shorter thanks to an agreement between officials of highland games in each city.

A proclamation to become Twin/Sister games was signed by Mike Mihalic, President of the Ohio Scottish Games and John McWilliam, Chairman of The Crieff Highland Gathering. The proclamation was signed in Wellington on June 28, 2008 and in Creiff on August 17, 2008.

Crieff Highland Gathering

The agreement enables the scottish traditions to continue to be strengthened across the world, and also allows the two organizations to share experiences, ideas and promote their area. Representatives from the Ohio Scottish Games visited the games and participated in their activities.

Former President Mike Mihalic is proudly carrying the Ohio tartan flag in the parage through the town leading to the gathering.

Visit their website and see more about the annual Crieff Highland Gathering.

Crieff visitors to Ohio Scottish Games

Enjoying the Ceilidh on the Friday night before the games!