Frequently Asked Questions

How do we purchase tickets?
We have several options for you. Tickets are available at the gate. You can also order pre-sale tickets by mail, purchase on line, or pick up at ticket outlets in the Greater Cleveland area. Please see the Tickets page on this website for information.
Does the admission ticket cover both Friday night and Saturday?
The Friday night ticket prices are only for the Dinner/Concert/Ceilidh. The Saturday ticket price covers all events at the Games only on Saturday.
What happens if it rains?
The Games go on rain or shine and we have a rain plan that moves as many events as possible inside.
Where can I find a schedule of events?
Please see the Things To See page on this website. Souvenir Programs will be sold at the Games that also include a schedule of events.
Are there special activities for children?
Yes. We have inflatables for several age groups, several exhibits, demonstrations and events children will enjoy in addition to our ongoing competitions that can be viewed by all. MacFarlane’s Company is an interactive living history troupe featuring activities for kids. The Children’s Games are mini highland athletic competitions and tug of war in the Oak Grove at 2:00. In the Pony Ring are Border Collies herding sheep and ducks at 11, 2 and 4, as well as a Clydesdale Horse exhibit at 3:00. We have an Animal Exhibit with Clydesdale horses and highland cattle. We have a Falconer walking the grounds. The Clan Village features passports that can be picked up at the Genealogy Table and can be stamped at the clans in the village. Visit the Schedule of Events page on this website.
How do I register to compete?
Please see the Competitions page on this website.
Are wheelchairs available?
Wheelchairs are available for emergency use only. Please ask at the Information Tent at the entrance gate.
What is the commonly used OSG tartan?
The tartan featured is The Ohio Tartan. It was approved and registered on March 29, 1984. The colors are taken from the Ohio flag,seal and other state symbols. Red represents the Cardinal,the state bird. White is for Ohio's major cities. Blue symbolizes Ohio's waterways from the Ohio River to Lake Erie. Azure, from the far hills of the seal, denotes the eight sons of Ohio who served as Presidents of the United States. The azure-blue-azure combination represents Ohio as the birthplace of "light, flight and the first man on the moon", namely Thomas Edison, The Wright Brothers and Neil Armstrong. Gold from the seal represents Ohio's leadership in agriculture. The thread count proportions are based on the date Ohio was admitted to the Union, March 1, 1803.